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“Firehouse Cooking throws cold water on the notion that the nation’s firefighters simply gobble chili and fried hamburgers between runs….it’s recipes may ring a bell for many other folks, especially those with a run-and-jump lifestyle that leaves little time for preparing meals.”
William Allen, St Louis Post-Dispatch
“In the main, the food is hearty and down-to-earth … In other words, the kind of food real people really eat.”

Kathy Lindsley, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

“Firefighters like the same kind of food the average American family likes; hearty, simple and low-budget.”

Margaret LeBrun, Syracuse Post-Standard

“For firehouse chefs… ‘Food From America’s Bravest’ won’t disappoint… this book will give you all that is needed to escalate your status to chef.”
Ken Pardoe, NFPA, The Times
“Firehouse food is the envy of many who brown-bag it to work or deal with company cafeterias.”
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
“It was clear from their comments that most of the squad had thumbed through the book and were plotting future meals from it,…”

Eleanor Ostman, Saint Paul Pioneer Press

“…Firehouse Cooking…has received rave reviews from firefighters all over the country. Palm Beach is no exception.”
Skippy Harwood, Palm Beach Daily News
I first came across Firehouse Cooking being mentioned on an Emergency Service news list from Connell (I think that’s where it was) when I was working on a University Fire and Rescue Squad at Sussex University.
At the time we were putting on bar-b-ques each term for the students, to heighten their awareness of fire safety in their accommodation and also the fact that we were there to assist. I have used the book on several occasions, both then and since, to get recipes for BBQ side dishes.
Several of my friends have asked to borrow the book when they are doing gatherings. My, now well thumbed, copy lives in my caravan. I am involved in the sport of Horse Driving Trials and, being a Bar Manager, get the job oforganizing food and beer for the gang. Ten or twelve hungry course workers often find themselves eating food from your book at the end of the day.
If you are ever in the area drop in!
Take care and have fun.
Nigel Pullen, United Kingdom